About Sweets On Lo
Sweets On Lo is a Brooklyn based cupcake company. We inspire love, light and smiles with every cupcake sold! Originally established in 2008, it all started when founder, Lauren "Lo" Walker began selling cupcakes for her High School Theatre Department at Duke Ellington School of the Arts in Washington, DC. After seeing how ecstatic her cupcakes made the students and school staff at Ellington, Lo began selling her cupcakes throughout the school week. Instantly, they became a hit, so much so that she was nicknamed "The Cupcake Girl".

Many years and a college degree later, Lo is still at it, baking delicious, uniquely flavored treats that are filled with love and guaranteed to make you smile! You can find Sweets On Lo at several parties and events throughout Brooklyn and NYC. Check out @Sweets_On_Lo on Instagram to find out where you can find these amazing treats next! You can also contact Sweets On Lo directly to place an order.

Some Facts
  1. Cupcakes Made
    13, 402
  2. Original Flavors
  3. Stars
  4. Happy Customes
Customers Say
  1. Lady Moon
    Lady Moon
    "These cupcakes are full of joy!! They always make me so happy!"
  2. Yank$
    "You can taste the love."
  3. Taye Diggs
    Taye Diggs
    "Thumbs Up!! Truly delicious!"
  4. Madison McFerrin
    Madison McFerrin
    Girl! This cupcake is nooo joke! So good!
  5. JaQwan Kelly
    JaQwan Kelly
    "I am crazy for Sweets On Lo!"
Latest Events
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    Sehiii 3.1.17
  2. Paint and Poetry 3.4.17
    Paint and Poetry 3.4.17
  3. Gawdess Presents: LET EM REIGN 3.4.17
    Gawdess Presents: LET EM REIGN 3.4.17
  4. Afrodisiac 3.18.17
    Afrodisiac 3.18.17
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